17)  Colchani – Bolivia

17) Colchani – Bolivia

Bolivia was one of the strangest countries we visited. The people there seemed to hate tourists, even though tourism was their livelihood. Communications were stiff and difficult, you were observed as a problem and the service was in accordance with that. We observed immensely beautiful territories, salt flats and deserts in 5000m altitude, jumped in a warm pool and strolled through a village where I met a llama in the middle of the street. It was a hopeless task, trying to photograph the people, who believed that once photographed they would be left without a soul. It was impossible to talk this through and I felt I should respect their opinions and not collect their souls. I did find this one dude, who was as curious as I was. A king of his own castle, the driver of his own truck, not afraid of anything. He had no qualms that I was trying to steal his soul. It would be easy to fill a book with landscape photos from Bolivia, but because how hard it was to shoot portraits, the became even more valuable.