19)  Waiotapu – New Zealand

19) Waiotapu – New Zealand

The Lady Knox Geyser in Waiotapu, New Zealand doesn’t seem like much at first. A small heap of silicone with a warning. But it’s magical watching it erupt. Granted, not the largest in the world, but it’s beautiful and fun. There is that familiar feeling, standing in nature and waiting for a geyser to erupt, a genuine excitement within. The nature is one of the most enchanting aspects of New Zealand, in my opinion. To drive around in a small campervan, looking at awesome and mundane things alike, watch the country float by and sit down for a packed lunch in a cozy clearing, is a way of travelling I can recommend to anyone wanting to explore the country. Starry nights, far away from big cities, white beaches and national parks all around. Glaciers and thermal areas are well fitting contrasts, like we are used to here in Iceland.