20)  Siem Reap – Cambodia

20) Siem Reap – Cambodia

Everything is for sale for a dollar in Cambodia, the poverty is immense in a country that has everything to offer. I found it odd to see floating villages on Tonle Sap, the country’s biggest lake, in a country with enough space and vegetation to offer. A community, shops, schools and a gym – all on floating ramps. Built by people who are only trying to survive, trying to live. The idea of a floating village is romantic and nice at first, but the reality is different – cold and hard. The people were able to fish, but had to go to great lengths for clean water and lived off of charity from tourists in order to afford a bag of rice – which probably cost one dollar like everything else. This little guy probably didn’t have a choice – he had a snake for some reason, but no underwear. I don’t know if he was trying sell me the snake or just offering me to pet it. His eyes told me that he didn’t care, as long as he survived.