21)  Nairobi – Kenya

21) Nairobi – Kenya

I found it hard to pick up the camera in Nairobi. I heard the city quiet down, stop and look on as I did so. On our day-long stroll through the city, I hardly saw a white person anywhere, but when I picked up the camera I no longer only stood out on account of skin color but also for financial status. I got a map at the hostel that showed which streets of the center were safe and which definitely were not. I saw a map the kids in the village had painted, and it illustrated where people had been attacked with guns and where people had been attacked with machetes. I saw websites that informed me that this was one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Prejudice and informed fear are two different things that I found hard not to mix. The experience was unforgettable, hard and wonderful. The streets were buzzing with people, millions of people swarming around like ants. When I noticed that people who had tried to swindle me yesterday remembered me today, I understood that in the chaos there was order – but I stood on the outside.